The process of BIM quality assurance or quality control consists of checking the various levels of BIM for them to be consistent and comply with the BIM standards used in the project. QA is run upon completion of every system in the project design and is destined to eliminate errors. The 3D BIM model is inspected for overlaps, inconsistencies, and improper naming of the building’s elements that may trigger complications at other stages of project realisation.

How does it work?

BIM Model

We build the model of an asset or use the one you supply to run quality assurance.

Clash Detection

We identify discrepancies, find collisions, and detect systems clashes.


BIM Machine engineers solve systems conflicts, introduce changes and find the best solutions to improve the design.

What do you get?

The output you receive is a clean, ready to use BIM model with all the systems coordinated, fittings in place, and interference not found. Clash detection and resolution constitutes one complex solution, although you may opt for just a part of it and receive an in-depth analysis of the systems in the BIM model checked and verified according to the BIM standard you work with.

Why is BIM quality assurance needed?

To Get Permits

It becomes much easier to get architectural and construction permits with a clean BIM model at hand.

To Avoid Rework

Faultless BIM model eliminates rework and decreases downtime at all stages of construction projects.

To Reduce Cost

Overall expenses drop drastically when the measurements, quantity take-offs, and time schedules become more accurate.

Who performs quality control?

BIM Machine unites engineers with 20+ years of experience in architecture, structural engineering, bridge and tunnels design and simulations, MEP, HVAC, electricity, water and wastewater into one versatile team. 

Their collaborative work makes design and modelling stages of a construction, renovation or rehabilitation project impeccable.

Who are our clients?

BIM Machine operates worldwide and works with surveyors, design and engineering offices, construction contractors, and managing companies in Australia, Canada, Israel, the USA, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, the UAE. We are constantly opening new horizons and expanding our geography by collaborating with companies to share knowledge and expertise and cater to the market with our BIM QA/QC or superposition solutions.

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